In the Taunus, a low mountain region north of Frankfurt, are two great climbing rocks, the Lorsbachwand, an old slate quarry, and the Eschbacher Klippen, as well the quarry Cratzenbach. I lived from 2000 to 2007 in the area, so you will find some photos and remarks of the little rocks and bolders.



The little rock is located behind the road (B455) from Bad Homburg to Königstein. It is a natural monument, but there are some bolt and a lot of moss.

Hohler Stein:

Some rocks, made of quartz, near Oberseelbach. The rocks are approx. 6m highly. It is a natural monument.

Hohler Stein Hohler Stein


The rock is made of slate and is situated near the Weilberg. The rock is approx. 20m highly, there a some Schrofen (stone and grass) at the rock. At the top of the rock are some bolds and rings. You reach the top by a small path, it is a nice viewpoint.

Zacken Zacken


The rock is made of slate and is approx. 10m highly. You reach the rock via a trail starting a the car park Rotes Kreuz. It is marked by a red kite and leads as well to the Zacken.

Beilstein Beilstein


The Hohen-Steinis located at the road between Wüstems and Oberems. The rock is made of quartz and is approx. 10m highly. A the top are two bolts.

Hohen-Stein Hohen-Stein