The GR5 is part of a long Europeean route (E2). The GR5 crosses Europe: It leads from the North Sea to the Mediterranean Coast. It crosses the Ardennes, leads across Luxembourg, throught the Vosges, Jura and the French Alps. The last and best known bit in the south, La grande Traversée des Alpes, spans over 660km (400miles), and features passes between 2000m and 2800m ASL.

Plateaux du Jura (GR5) Hiking guide (PDF)  

Lake Geneva-Chamonix (GR5)  Hiking guide (PDF)   Profile (JPG) 

Pictures Autumn 2004: Lake Geneva- Chamonix (GR5)

Les Hoches-Modane (GR5/GR55)  Hiking guide (PDF)   Profile (JPG)