La Cure-Auberge La Guientte

The ridge of the Haut Jura
The trail has La Cure as starting point. The village is situated at the french/swiss border. You'll reach La Cure by train via Nyon. At la Cure, take the road in direction of Lamoura. After approximately 1km, the GR9 crosses. The path climbs up the slope, first over a ski piste, later through a forest. At Belvedére des Dappes, it traverses another ski piste and follows a dirt road. After approximately 2km, the GR9 joins a tarred road. Follow the road for 3km, then the GR9 leaves the road, leads to the Chalet de la Fresse, the mountain peak Crêt Pela and back to the road. At the junction, follow the GR9. It leads through pastures and joins the road from Mijoux to Lajoux. Here are two variants: The GR9 descends to Mijoux, climbs up the ridge and leads via Lelex to the Commune de Bellecombe. The GR9b leads directly to Bellecombe. It climbs up the hill through a forest and turns left. Later, it joins a forest road. At the junction with the GR9, it turns right and joins the road to the Auberge La Guientte (overnight lodgings, meals).

Auberge La Guientte-Chalet de Gralet

Chalet de Gralet
The GR9 follows the dirt road, after approximately 2km there are two variants: The GR9 turns off on the right through forest, and the GRP follows the dirt road. The GRP leads over pastures and meadows. At Borne au Lion, both waymarks joins again. The GR9 follows a dirt road for 5km through forest and joins a road, it follows this road for 1km. At a junction, it leaves the road, the GR9 joins 2km later another road. The road leads from Giron to Champfromier. I left the GR9 and followed the road to Champfromier. In the village is a supermarket. I followed the road to Montanges and crossed the Valserine river on the Pont de Pierres. Follow the road via Mulaz to Confort. At the village, the D16 climbs up in zigzags to Menthieres. A variant of the GR Balcon du Léman (GR BL) leads up to the ridge. The path leads over pastures and through forest, passes some barns and the Chalet La Pontuille (simple overnight lodgings, no water). After approximately 2km, the GR BL joins the Chalet de Gralet (simple overnight lodgings, sleepingbag necessary, no drinking-water).

Chalet de Gralet-Près de Dôle

Lake Geneva
The GR Balcon du Léman follows the ridge of the jura mountain. The trail passes the second highest summit of the jura mountain, the Reculet (1717,4m ASL), and leads to the highest summit, the Crêt de la Neige (1717,6m ASL). The path descends to the Col de la Crozet. The surrounding area is used for skiing during wintertime, so there are a lot of cable railways. Behind the pass, the GR BL climbs up to the Colomby de Gex (1689m ASL) and the Mont Rond (1596m ASL). The GR BL descends to the Col de la Faucille. I went down to Mijoux (supermarket), but the guardian of the Gîte d'étape did not come. So I climbed up 350m to the Col de la Faucille and followed the GR BL. It leads through a small, very wild gorge and descends to La Vattay (overnight lodgings only in the wintertime). The GR BL turns right, and follows a forest road. In front of the french/swiss border I left the trail and searched for a sleeping place.

Près de Dôle-St. Cergue

La Dôle
The GR BL follows the dirt road, it turns right at the second barn and traverses the french/swiss border at a marshy pasture. It continues briefly on the tarred road, crosses a gate and climbs up steeply to the Dôle (1677m ASL). The trail descends to the Col de Porte, where it turns right. After approximately 500m, it turns right again and leads over pastures and through forest to St. Cergue (railway station to Nyon).