Fellering-Chalet-St. Hubert

I took the EC to Mulhouse and the bus to Fellering.
At Fellering, I followed the waymark blue circle in direction of Col de Bussang. The path leads into the valley. I followed the road, it leads to Urbes. After I passed the village, I followed the waymark red circle, the path turns left, crosses the N66 and ascends the slope. Beyond, it passes a bench and a source. At the next junction, I changed the waymark, I followed the red rectanlge. First, it leads on a forest road, then it ascends in zig-zag. There is a signpost to the Cuisine de Diable. The trail gets rocky and steep. After 5min you reach the Cuisine de Diable, it is a cave in a huge rock. The trail ascends in direction of the Rouge Gazon. After it climbs up 200 m vertical, it reaches the Tête de Rouge Gazon. A path turns left and leads to the Ferme Auberge. On a dirt road, the GR531 leads in direction of the Chaume de Neufs Bois. After a few hundred meters, a small path turns right and leads over pastures. Afterwards, it joins the dirt road again. It passes the Chaume de Neufs Bois and some lakes. A small path leads around the Téte des Neuf bois. Afterwards, the GR531 joins an dirt road and leads to the Chalet St. Hubert (overnight accommodation). Later in the evening, a few french hikers hid the Refuge and it began to rain.

Chalet-St. Hubert-Schweissel

The next morning, I followed the GR531 in direction of the Col de Bussang. First, it traverses the slope on a dirt road, afterwards, a small path leads to the pass. You have to climb down a ladder and cross the street. There is a signpost to the Source de la Moselle. But the source had no water.


I ascended on the road in direction of the Drumont. The road passes a monument and a lake. Afterwards, it joins again the GR531. A small path ascends the slope. Because it rained the whole night, the path was muddy. The path leaves the forest and leads through pastures to the summit. It is a nice viewpoint, the weather was good and I saw the summits of the blackwood forest and the alps.
The GR 531 descends and passes the Ferme Auberge du Drumont. It ascends to the Tête de Fellering and leads downwards to the Col d'Oderen. The GR531 ascends the slope in zig-zag, passes the Ferme Auberge Felsach (overnight accommodation and meals) and climbs up to the Haut de Felsach. It climbs downwards to the Chaume de Vintergés (small hut), descends again in zig-zag the slope and leads in direction of the Grand Ventron. The summit is another viewpoint. Below the summit is the Ferme Auberge Ventron (overnight accommodation and meals, but expensive).
I used the tarred road, it traverses the western slope and leads to the Col de la Vierge. Here is a big shelter and a monument.

Shelter at Col de la Vierge

The tarred road leads to the Col de Bramont, here it joins the GR531 again. It began to rain, the ascending path to the Col de l'Etang was muddy. The GR531 leads in direction of the ridge, it passes a road. I left the GR531 and passes the source de la Thur. The small path reaches the Route des Crêtes, the road follow alongside the ridge, it was builed during before the Great War by french soldiers.
Behind the road, I turned right and passes the Rothenbachkopf and Batteriekopf. Afterwards, the path reaches a small shelter. I used it as the overnight accommodation.


The next morning, it was foggy and cold. I followed alongside the ridge, afterwards the GR5 joins the ridge. It leads in direction of Col d'Hahnenbrunnen. The visibility was poor. But there were a lot of hikers at the path, at the Markstein were some mountain bikers. The GR5 crosses the road and leads around the Storkenkopf. Here is the Ferme Auberge le Haag (overnight accommodation and meals). I ate at the inn.
The GR5 climbs up the slope of the Grand Ballon, it passes a source with a bench. Below the summits is a monument for the French soldiers, which were killed during the Great War. At the summit is a ugly radar station.

Diables Bleus Monument at the Camp du Turenne

At the car park below the summit, the GR5 follows alongside the road and turns left. It leads in direction of la Ferme du Ballon. It traversses the road twice and leads to the Firstacker and Col Amic. The GR5 passes the ruin Freundenstein, it was the highest castle in the vosges. I left the GR5 and followed the waymark red/white/red. It passes the Ferme Auberge Freundenstein and leads around the Molkenrain. During the Great War, the whole area was a bloody battlefield, at the Col du Silberloch is a great cemetery.
The forest road passes the Camp du Turenne, there joins one the GR5 again. It descends to Thann.