I started the trip on Lorsbach/Taunus. I took the train via Frankfurt and Karlsruhe to Strasbourg. At Strasbourg, I sold the ticket to Schirmeck
At Schirmeck, I followed the waymark blue cross northwards. First, it leads on a dirt road, then it climps uphill on a small path. There were a lot of trees on the ground. In december 1999, the hurricane Lothar had damaged the forest in the Vosges. The path leaves the forest, it passes the Abri Colbery, a shelter and a barbecue area.

Abri Colbery Small trail in the Vosges

At spring 2000, it was not possible to follow the path marked with red cross. There were to many fallen trees on the path. I used the dirt road, at the next junction, I turned left. The dirt road joins the waymark red cross after a few meters. The path climbs uphill. It joins another dirt road, this dirt road leads around the Kohlberg and to the Col Entre les deux Donon. Here is a small shelter, I slept on the bench at the hut, a really spartan overnight accommodation.


The next morning was foogy. I followed the GR5 (red rectangle) up to the Donon. It is a nice viewpoint, on the top is a roman temple. Fontaine Léopold The GR5 descends to the Maison Forestière du Donon. There are two choices: The GR5 or a small path (yellow cross). The GR5 was blocked by fallen trees, so I followed the yellow cross. At Grandfontaine are two sources, you can fill up your bottle. The path leads alongside the road back to Schirmeck. In the village, I joined the GR5 again, it traverses the rails. Beyond the town hall, the GR5 ascends through forest and passes the Fontaine Léopold, another source. Later the GR5 reached the concentration camp Struthof. It climbs uphill to the Champ de Messin. The GR5 leads alongside the D130. After a few meters, the GR5 turns right, but the path was blocked again by trees. I followed the road, after 1km a small path leaves the road on the left side, it is marked red/white/red. It leads to the inn Rothlach and to the Neuntelstein. Here is a shelter as a overnight accommodation. You can also follow the GR5 to the Champ de Feu and le Hohwald, here is a camping site and a gîte d'étape. But you had to climb approx. three hundred vertical meter down and the next morning, you had to climb up again.


GR5 in direction of Barr

I followed the blue cross, passed the source of the Kirneck and traversed the road. The path to the Maison forestière Welschbruch was blocked by trees. At the forest wardner's, I joined the GR5 again, it leads in direction of Barr. At the path to Barr you have some nice views to the Kirneck-valley. In the village is a railway station. You can take the train to Selestat or directly to Strasbourg