Colmar-Abri du Staufen

I started the trip on Lorsbach/Taunus. I took the train via Frankfurt and Mannheim to Strasbourg and Colmar. In Mannheim I had to change the train, but it was delayed. So I didn't get the train to Strasbourg. The next local train to Kehl drove 45 minutes later. But the EC from Kehl was delayed, too. So I reached Colmar at 8 o'clock p.m.
I turned right at the unterpass and went alongside the rail. After 10min, the road has a dead end. I followed the dirt road through fields. At the factory building, I turned right and crossed the Route Nationale. At Wettolsheim, I took the first road at the left side and went through vineyards. At Eguisheim, I turned right and went in direction of the camping site. I passed the camping site and went into the forest. A small foot path traverses the trail, I turned left and went around the Schlossberg. The sun set. On the summmit of the hill are les Trois Châtaeux. You see the ruins from the Rhine-valley. I followed a small path and after 20min I joined a tarred road. At the car park, a small path leaves the road on the left side. I met some wild bors and deers in the forest and after 3 1/2h I reached the shelter.

Abri du Staufen-Schweisel

Petit Ballon In the morning, there was a thunderstorm. I left the shelter at 7 o'clock. I followed the dirt road to the source and filled up by bottels. At the Col de Marbach, I followed the GR532 in direction of the Col de Boenlesgrab. The dirt leads westwards, at the Col de Firstplan, it crosses a road and afterwards, the GR532 leaves the dirt road. It reaches the Col de Boenlesgrab. At the Col, the GR532 climbs up steeply. The GR532 passes a youth hostel. It turns right and leads through pastures. The GR532 crosses some gates and fences. Below the Petit Ballon, it turns left, passes two huts and descends to the Col de Hilsenfirst. The GR532 climbs uphill to the Langenfeldkopf.Here begins a protected area, the GR532 follows a dirt road to Spitzkopf. There is a stone hut, but it is very simple and dirty. The route across the Klinzkopf is closed from 15. December to 15 July, so I followed the dirt road to the Col d'Oberlauchen. I left the GR532 and followed the waymark blue circle to the Col d'Hahnenbrunn. Here you join the GR5 (red rectangle). I turned right and followed the GR5 in direction of Schweisel. Beyond the summit is a another stone hut, I used it as an overnight accommodation. In the night was a thunderstorm, too.

Schweisel-Chalet St. Hubert

Chalet St. Hubert The next morning was sunny. I went in direction of the Rothenbachkopf. Here is source. At the Rainkopf, the GR531 (blue rectangle) joins the GR5. I left the GR5 and followed the GR531. It crosses a road and descends to the Col de l'Etang (simple shelter). The GR531 leads to the Col de Bramont and crosses the road. It follows a dirt road, after a few hundred, a small path leads the dirt road. The path traverese the slope and leads in direction of Col de Pourri Faing. It crosses a moor and joins a tarred road. The GR532 follows the road and leads to the Col de Bockloch. The GR532 turns left and leads to the Grand Ventron. The summit is a nice viewpoint, but it was foggy. The GR532 leads southwards, passes the Haut Felsach and descends to the Ferme Auberge Felsach. At the inn, I took a ons'e lunch hour, the inn is cheap and there is a overnight accommodation. Behind the Ferme Auberge, the GR532 descends to the Col d'Oderen and crosse the D43. It ascends to the TĂȘte de Fellering and the Drumont (viewpoint and Ferme Auberge. The GR532 descends to the Col de Bussang and crosses the N66 (Lot of traffic). A the other side of the road is a metal ladder. The GR 532 traverses the TĂȘte de Allemands on a small path. After approx. 2km it joins a dirt road and follows the road. After approx. 1km it passes the Chalet St. Hubert.

Chalet St. Hubert-Thann

After about 1 km, the dirt road has a dead end. A small path leads around the Téte des Neuf Bois. At the Chaume de Neufs Bois, the GR531 follows a dirt road, passes some lakes and leads through pastures to the Rouge Gazon(Inn, overnight accommodation, car parking). The GR532 descends to to the Col des Perch. I left the GR532 and follows the GR5. It climbs up to the Rimbachkopf. Afterwards, it leads to the Col de Rimbach. It leads through pastures to the Ferme Auberge Belacker. The GR5 leads up to the Voegelstein and the Thanner Hubel. At the hut "Waldmatt", the GR5 turns right and descends the hill. At the Col du Hundsruecken>, it crosses the Route Joffre and leads to Thann.

GR5 between Tanner Hubel and Thann Collegiate church St. Thiébault