I started the trip at Lorsbach/Taunus. I took the local train to Frankfurt and changed the train in Karlsruhe and Strasbourg. At Saverne, I left the railway station and went into the city. After approx. 500m you join the Canal de la Marne au Rhin. At the bridge is the first waymark red rectangle (GR53). I crossed the bridge and went alongside the canal. A metal stairway leads up the slope. I followed the road in direction of car park Bildstoeckle. Haut Barr The forest was damaged from the hurricane Lothar. I had to walk around the fallen trees. After approx. 1km, you join a signpost to the Haut Barr. The ruin is on huge sandstone cliff. The castle was builded in the 12. century and owned the bishop of Strasbourg. It was damaged during the Thirty Years War by french soldiers.
Observation tower at the Brotschberg At the corner of the car park, the GR53 leads to an old telegraph office. This tower belonged to the service Paris-Strasbourg. The GR53 crosses the Hexentisch and a tarred road. It ascends the slope and reaches the Brotschbergs. Here is a hut and a observation tower. The path turns left and descends in zig-zag. It passes the Grotte de Brotsch, a large cave in a sandstone cliff and reaches the car park Maison forestière Schaefersplatz. The GR53 leads alongside the road in direction of Maison forestière Haberacker. Behind the forest wardner's, the GR53 leaves the road and follows the forest road. The forest road leads around the Geissfelswasen. At the next junction is a small hut. I left the GR53 and followed the GR531 (blue rectancle), after approx. 1km I left the GR531 and followed the waymark red circle. It leads to the Zollstock. Here you have a nice view to the the Rocher du Dabo. During middle age, there was a castle on the summit. It owned to Bruno von Dagsburg-Egisheim. Later, het got the pope Leo IX. French soldiers damaged the castle during the Thirty Years' War too. In 1826, a small chapel was builed. It was rebuilded in 1890. Now it is the St. Leo church.
I crossed the road and followed the waymark red/white/red. It ascends the slope. At the Col de la Schleif is a new shelter. I went in direction of Col de Wetzloch and followed the descending path to Schneematt. The waymark yellow cross climbs steeply the slope and joins the GR53. I followed the GR53, below the Schneeberg, it turns right. I followed the forest road, after approx. 500m I reached the Refuge. The sun set and some tawny owls cried, a nice place for overnight accommodation.
You can follow the hole GR53, but it is much longer and it leads down to Wangenbourg-Engenthal.


Cascade du Nideck After breakfast, I went back to the junction with the GR53 and climbed up to the top of the Schneeberg. The path descends the slope in direction of Maison forestière Nideck . It crosses the road and leads to the Châteaux du Nideck. A stream falls down in a ravine, at the left side is a rocky stairway. I climbed down to the ravine and followed the stream. The GR53 crosses a tarred road and turns left. It leads in direction of Oberhaslach, passes a camping site and the Refuge Luttenbach. I left the GR53 and followed the waymark red triangle. I passed the village and followed the waymark blue rectangle (GR 531) to Urmatt. There is a railway station, the train drives to Strasbourg.