Belfort-Col du Chantoiseau

Abri am Col de Chantoiseau I drove with the german railway to Belfort via Strasbourg and Mulhouse. I left the railway station and turned left. I passed the local shopping mile and reached the Savoueuse-river. I followed the canal upstream, afterwards, a road leads northwards. I passed the cemetary and turned left. I reached the road to Valdoie and followed the road to the town hall. There the GR533 (green retangle) begins, it ends at Saareguemines after 264 km. The trail crosses the rails and leads through forest and pastures. Afterwards, it joins the GR5 (red retangle), both trails leads to Bas Evette. Behind the rails, the GR5 turns right and leads alongside the first lake. It turns left and passes some other lakes, afterwards it reaches La Chapelle-sous-Chaux. It crosses the D13 and leads in direction of Giromagny.There are two supermarket, you can fill up the supplies. The GR5 passes the village and leads in direction of the Châteaux Ritter. First, it follows the ascending road, afterwards a small path climbs steeply. Approx. 1km later, the GR5 joins another path, there is a signpost for the Gîte d'étape The GR5 ascends to the Grande Roche (source) and the Col du Chantoiseau. There is a simple shelter as a overnight accommodation.

Col du Chantoiseau-Chalet St. Hubert

Südosthang Ballon d'Alsace The next morning, I followed the ascending path, after approx. 500m, it leaves the forest and leads through pastures. All the valleys were filled with foog, but on the summits, the sun shone. The path reaches the Col du Wissgrut and leads in direction of the Ballon d'Alsace. The GR5 crosses some gates and cable railways. It leads alongside the road, at the Ferme Auberge du Ballon, it turns right and climbs to the plateau. The waymarks are confusing, you'll find the red/white waymark at the whole Ballon d'Alsace. The GR5 leaves the plateau at the north-eastern corner. It descends on a rocky path in direction of Col de Ronde Téte. The GR5 leads on a small path in direction of Col des Charbonniers and to the Moyenne Bers. There is a source and a shelter. I left the GR5 and followed the ascending path to the Chaume du Rouge Gazon. Here I joined the GR531 (blue rectangle). The GR531 leads through pastures, passes the Chaume de Neufs Bois and some lakes. A small path leads around the Téte des Neuf Bois. Afterwards, the GR531 joins a dirt road and follows the road to the Chalet St. Hubert (overnight accommodation). Later in the evening, it began to rain.

Chalet St. Hubert-Wesserling

After breakfast, I went back to the Rouge Gazon. At the car park, a small path (red-white-red) descends in direction of the Gazon Vert. Here is a waterfall, the Ruisseau du Vert Gazon falls in a ravine. I used the dirt road, the small path alongside the stream was muddy and slippy. Down in the valley, the road leads to Storkensohn . In the village, I turned left and went to Mollau and to Husseren-Wesserling. Here is a railway station. The regional train drives to Mulhouse .