Belfort-Refuge de la Grande Goutte

View from the Col d'Auxelles I drove with the german railway to Basel. Here I changed the train and reached after 2h Belfort. A localbus (No. 1) drives to Valdoie. The GR533 starts at the townhall (green retangle). It crosses the rails and leads through forest and pastures. Afterwards, it joins the GR5 (red retangle). They passes Bas Evette and crosses the rails. The GR532 leads alongside the rails, crosses the rails twice and leads into forest. It leads in direction of Auxelles-Bas, crosses the Route National 12 and reaches Auxelles-Haut. There it turns left and follows a dirt road, afterwards, it climbs steeply and passes a figure of a saint. At the Col d'Auxelles, you have a nice view to the lakes and Belfort. Refuge de la Grande Goutte The GR533 climbs uphiils to the Tête Ronde and leads in direction of the Planche des Belles Filles. The summit and the slopes are used for skiing during wintertime, so there are cable railways. There was a lot of frozen snow on the ground. The GR533 follows a broad forest road in direction of Refuge de la Grand Goutte. The forest road leads alongside the slope, because it is on the northern side, there was frozen snow too. After 7h of walking I reached the hut. A frenchman had lighted the stove, so the hut was warm. Later, the moon came up and dipped the landscape into silvery light.

Refuge de la Grande GoutteMoosch

After breakfast, I followed the GR533 to the Col du Stalon. Here I left the forest road and climbs uphill on a stony path. This path is the GR7 (red rectangle), another long trail. It leads to the Ballon d'Alsace. At the plateau is a monument of Jeanne d'Arc.

Jeanne d'Arc Lac des Perches

I traversed the plateau, at the eastern corner, I joined the GR5. It climbs steeply downwards in direction of Ronde Tête. There was also frozen snow on the ground. The GR5 leads alongside the ridge in direction of the Col des Charbonniers and Moyenne Bers. There is a hut and a source, a nice place to rest. The GR5 lead on a small path through pastures in direction of Col des Perch. It traverses the slope between the Tête des Perch and the Lac des Perches (nice view). The GR5 turns right and climbs up to the Rimbachkopf. Afterwards, it leads to the Col de Rimbach. It leads through pastures to the Ferme Auberge Belacker. Here I left the GR5 and followed the GR532 (yellow rectangle). The GR532 follows the road, at a switchback turn, it leaves the road and descends on a path in direction of the Col de Dreimarkstein. At the pass, I turned right and followed the forest road. I passed the Abri de la Mesange. But in 2002, the hut was burnt down. I went downwards to the valley, but the camping site was closed. So I went to Moosch and took the train to Mulhouse.

Abri de la Mesange