The Vosges are a low mountain range in central-western Europe, stretching along the west side of the Rhine valley from the French-German border to Belfort. Geographically the range is divided north to south into three sections: The Lower Vosges (up to 600m ASL) extending from the french-german border and the Col de Saverne; the Central Vosges (up to 1000m ASL), between the Col de Saverne and the valley of the Bruche; the Higher Vosges (up to 1400m ASL), between the valley of the Bruche to Belfort Geologically the Lower Vosges are considered to belong to the Pf�lzer Wald. The highest peak in the Lower Vosges is the Grand Winterberg (581m ASL), the Donon (1008m ASL) in the Central Vosges and the Grand Ballon (1424m ASL) in the Great Vosges.
The Vosges are crossed by numerous long distance footpaths (GR5/GR531/ GR532/GR533).
Meteorologically the difference between the eastern and western Vosges is very marked. Reason for this is the prevailing weather in Central Europe, the clouds comes from the west of the Atlantic and the first barrier in France are the Vosges. The Moselle and Sarre rise on the western side. In the Rhine Valley, it is dry and warm, on the eastern slopes grows vine. The Vosges are densely wooded, at the ridge of the Higher Vosges are meadows, during summer, cow herds feed on pastures. In autumn, these herds are led in the valley. During winter, the farms (so called Ferme Auberge are closed).

In the last three wars between Germany and France was the Alsace and the Vosges battle-field. 1870 died in only one battle near Wissembourg 20,000 soldiers of both nations. During the Great War were Tete de Faux, Lingekopf and Hartmannsweiler the most bloody battlefields with up to 30.000 killed soldiers of each nations. In the Second World War the national socialists established the KZ Struthhof Natzweiler, in which 10,000 humans were killed.

Higher Vosges: Colmar-Staufen-Petit Ballon-Markstein-Grand Ballon-Rouffach (GR532/GR5)
Central Vosges: Schirmeck-Donon-Neutelstein-St. Odile-Barr (GR5)
Higher Vosges: Colmar-Thann (GR5/GR531/GR532)
Central Vosges: Saverne-Schneeberg-Urmatt (GR53)
Higher Vosges: Belfort-Ballon d'Alsace-Tête des Neuf Bois-Wesserling (GR5)
Central Vosges: Urmatt-Schneeberg-Rocher de Mutzig-Schneeberg-Molsheim
Higher Vosges: Belfort-Tête de la Grande Goutte-Ballon d'Alsace-Col des Perches-Moosch (GR533/GR5/GR532)
Higher Vosges: Thur-Valley (GR531/GR5)
Higher Vosges: Pictures Chrismas 2003
Higher Vosges: Pictures winter 2005
Higher Vosges: Pictures winter 2006